United Telehealth Services connects physicians to patients and healthcare organizations in remote and underserved areas. Through a distributed network of high-definition quality video, audio and peripheral equipment, United Telehealth Services establishes “Hub and Spoke” models that powerfully link hospitals and clinics to bring expert consultation instantly to areas typically lacking the resources to provide that expertise.

Healthcare organizations and physicians use United Telehealth Services’ turnkey programs and services to:

  • Increase patient access to specialists and improve the delivery of treatment.
  • Enable more effective monitoring of patients’ health for more timely intervention and care.
  • Use clinicians’ time more efficiently, improving their working lives and reducing travel costs and time for patients and clinicians.
  • Increase efficiencies by transferring patients at the appropriate time after a specialist’s recommendation.
  • Increase revenues to Hub and Spoke healthcare organizations as well as providers.

United Telehealth Services’ management and operations expertise can establish telehealth programs in nearly any specialty, but currently sees the greatest needs in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, pediatric and mental health care. Depending on your organization’s requirements, United Telehealth Services can customize the right program, ensuring usage of the services and driving clinical results.

The key difference with United Telehealth Services lies in our ability to not only install the proper hardware and software, but in providing ongoing training and project management to deliver your expected return on investment.

United Telehealth Services is a privately held company based in Nashville, TN.



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