Benefits to Hub Hospitals

Hub hospitals maintain overall resources and relationships with specialists that are disconnected from patients who do not live nearby. Via United Telehealth Services’ programs, your organization can finally connect to that population.  Using United Telehealth Services, your Hubs will:

  • Increase revenue by offering new medical services or by expanding existing services.
  • Connect remotely-based patients directly to specialists and improve the delivery of their treatment.
  • Involve specialists earlier in the care of patients. Allow specialists to deliver recommendations to outlying providers faster. Reduce unnecessary transfers and receive the right patients at the right time.
  • Expand your medical education programs and improve overall care. Drive higher retention rates as providers will feel supported and more capable to do their jobs effectively.
  • Strengthen your market position for referrals and your relationships with specialists by investing in cutting-edge technologies and services.

Compared to the relatively small investment in our affordable monthly equipment and service plans, your investment’s return and impact will be considerable. Whether you start in one specialty or many, United Telehealth Services can establish a custom program for your organization and region. Our experienced team delivers all the resources you need to maintain and grow your telehealth services to patients in your greater area.



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