Benefits to Physicians

Whether you are a provider in a remote area or a specialist operating at a Hub hospital, United Telehealth Services’ program will positively impact you and your patients by improving the overall quality of your care. By tapping an extended network of expertise, you will ensure patients receive the highest level of consultation on their medical issues.

  • Expand your referral network and build a more efficient referral process.
  • Decrease travel time and frequency for your patients while increasing the speed of initial and follow-up appointments.
  • Focus more time on getting patients to the best specialist expertise available without unnecessary transfers and appointments.
  • Keep patients in their home area until travel and face-to-face care are absolutely needed.
  • Bill for telehealth appointments just as you do today for face-to-face appointments.

Telehealth transforms. You will deliver the best care possible at the right time – in the right place. By expanding your reach as a clinician you can increase your revenues while driving higher levels of patient satisfaction


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