Benefits to Spoke Hospitals

Spoke hospitals or clinics can benefit greatly from United Telehealth Services. Not only can your organization powerfully connect patients to an expertise they otherwise cannot easily receive, but you can drive significant results for your facility. United Telehealth Services can help you:

  • Reduce liability and quality issues by connecting to specialists’ knowledge earlier in delivery of care.
  • Increase revenue by retaining more patients who would otherwise be unnecessarily transferred.
  • Transfer patients confidently knowing a specialists’ opinion has been obtained and considered.
  • Increase patient satisfaction by serving patients more thoroughly and reducing the need for them to travel great distances to receive specialists’ care not offered locally.
  • Improve your recruitment and retention efforts of physicians and providers. Spoke clinicians will have solid, qualified support for cases outside their expertise while maintaining a sense of caring for their patients.

United Telehealth Services helps you strengthen relationships with your patients, providers and region’s specialists in an unprecedented way. By connecting your organization to Hub hospitals and the expertise in their area, you powerfully extend the capabilities of your healthcare delivery.



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