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Today there is a huge disconnect where remote patients and providers cannot easily access the expertise of physician specialists typically located in larger, urban hospitals. United Telehealth Services changes that.

Using the latest video conferencing and medical device technology, we establish and run full-scale telehealth programs for hospitals, clinics, providers and patients. Our distributed, networked stations connect “Hub” hospitals and their specialists with patients at “Spoke” hospitals and clinics in remote locations. The result is increased profits for all of the hospitals and providers as well as helping patients receive the highest quality care regardless of location.

We provide physician specialists from our own network and work to connect physicians already in your network. We handle the licensing, credentialing, and billing work as well as provide a user-friendly scheduling/patient routing platform. United Telehealth Services works with you to design a model that meets your specific needs. We establish a project plan, oversee the installation of hardware and software as well as train appropriate providers and staff who will use the equipment each day with patients.

But our service goes well beyond providing equipment, doctors and training.  Post-implementation, United Telehealth Services will program-manage the entire system to ensure adoption, visit sites to troubleshoot technical and operations issues, perform regular maintenance and upgrades on the equipment and deliver education events through the system if needed.  Every Hub and Spoke system receives dedicated resources from our experienced team:

Program Manager: Your telehealth program point-person. Our Program Manager works directly with your clinical team, follows up on all onsite operational and training issues and is responsible for the daily status of your telehealth initiative.

Technical Manager: United Telehealth Services’ technical experts keep your program running 24×7. Our technical support team makes sure any equipment or connection issues are resolved quickly and completely.

Account Manager: Responsible for managing your account and ensuring the overall program is performing as expected. Our account managers will help you identify how to refine and expand telehealth within your organization and to new partners.

The difference with United Telehealth Services is our commitment to stay with you every step of the way. We understand that telehealth brings change to your organization, but the changes can bring tremendous rewards. Hub organizations will receive additional procedures and extension of services. Spoke hospitals and clinics will enjoy the retention of patients and reduction of risks. All organizations and providers will see increased revenues while their patients will enjoy the comfort of easily connecting to high-level expertise for their care. Our commitment is to be sure you are getting the most out of your implementation of and investment in telehealth.



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